Sunday, December 28, 2014


Hi, I'm Elizabeth! I'm a preschool teacher who lives in New Hampshire. I'm the wife of a totally awesome, super handy guy who's also a teacher, named Rich, and we are parents to our sweet dog, Lucy.  We are relatively new homeowners trying to make our house our own.

While I have been out of practice with blogging for a few years, I fell in love with it while planning our wedding in 2011.  One Polka-Dotted Day was our wedding planning blog, and I've been wanting to get back into it ever since!  This time around, it's all about our life and our projects, and I've even talked Rich into possibly writing a bit, too!

These days, though the wedding adventures are in the past, we are still getting creative and getting things done!  We are homeowners who like to DIY whatever we can, and typically even enjoy the process. I'm looking for a spot to share home and craft projects, the occasional recipe, garden adventure, organization idea, and pictures of our cute dog, too.

Though I don't have photos detailing the making of these things, here are some of our most recent projects:

Replacing the builder-grade light fixture above our island with a blue mason jar pendant fixture:

Handmade gift tags, pins and earrings for giving as, or packaging Christmas gifts: 

Homemade peanut butter pumpkin dog treats for Lucy's friends:

Painted birch Christmas tree ornament:

The chalkboard which Rich built me and I love drawing on:

In the future, I'm planning to document projects like these so I can share them here, with you! 

The next planned project is painting our kitchen.  It was purple when we moved in, which just doesn't go well with our downstairs color palette.  We had to have some repair work done when we discovered a water damage issue shortly after purchasing. The plaster around the new slider makes the room look especially "Under Construction"- just what everyone wants! Here's a sneak peek:

We're glad you're here, and look forward to sharing our projects with you! 
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