Saturday, January 3, 2015

An At-Least Somewhat Productive Vacation Week

We are so fortunate to have a nice, long break during the holidays.  Though it is so tempting to spend a week watching episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians on OnDemand, or snuggling my days away with Lucy on the couch and Pinterest on my iPad, I tried to make this one count by crossing some items off of my home and decor to-do list. 

Painting our kitchen has been on the list for about 2 years (wow, that's a bit embarrassing!). Having finally decided on a color, my mom and I tackled painting it earlier this week. More to come on that re-do! 

And, just in case you've forgotten, cue shudder-worthy 'before' photo.  The plaster around the door is just awful and the purple walls bring out orange, orange, orange in our cabinets. 

Gosh, I am so glad to have gotten rid of that view! 
In much less exciting news, another thing that was really overdue was painting the baseboards, trim, and radiators on the whole first floor.  The previous owners were... less than careful painters, and we have done our fair share of painting, and so all of the white trim has smears of wall colors of the past and present on it.  What a mess!  I knew that it just needed a fresh coat of white paint, and so after we did the kitchen walls, I just kept painting, and did it all in a few phases during the week.

Check out the difference!  

After lots of quality time with the new Taylor Swift album (I'm really outing myself with my pop culture guilty pleasures here, aren't I?) and a gallon of white paint and my trusty brush, Ive finished most of the rooms on our first floor, and have a plan for the remaining areas.  It feels good to have this project underway, and the rooms that are finished look so clean and tidy.  

I have no idea why, but one of the three radiators in the dining room was covered in rust spots. After some sanding and paint, it's so much happier looking! 


Ahh, that's better! I ended up painting all three, since they were originally an off-white color, and I'm just not up for that. Ever. At all.  Seriously, why did these people have an obsession with almond everything? It may have been their style, but it's not mine.  I've also been working through changing the outlets over to white plates, which you can see above too. 

Just for some comparison, our bathroom:

Please excuse the still-wet and in progress paint.  Don't worry, it's all shiny and white now. 

In total, about 25 outlets were changed, trim was painted in the kitchen, bathroom, hallway, and entry way (so far), 4 radiators were painted, new wall art washung in dining room and also planned out for the kitchen, and new kitchen baseboards were cut, installed, and painted.  Whew! Busy week!

When not helping with the power tools-required items above, Rich has been busy in his own too.  Having borrowed a log splitter from a kind and generous neighbor, he split about a cord of wood to try out longer length logs for the woodstove.  We have tons split in shorter length, but Rich is experimenting. He is also officially in charge of hanging things on the wall because of his superior spatial skills, and my lack thereof, so he has gotten some of that done, too.  

Tomorrow is the official de-Christmas day at our house, so though I'll be sad to see it go because I absolutely love the Christmas tree, I'm ready for clean and decluttered! 


I also have a couple of projects still underway, and am hoping to wrap them up tomorrow as well.  Of course, once finished, I'll be sharing here!

Last time, I wrote about my New Year's resolutions, and one in particular is striking a chord with me.  I updated it last night, since "Merry Christmas" was nice, but no longer needed.  Here's the new look and my new mantra:
I'll be working on a kitchen re-do post, and share soon!

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