Thursday, January 1, 2015

As the New Year Arrives...

Happy New Year!  I can hardly believe that another year is coming to a close. This year has been wonderful for us! 

This year was, overall, pretty uneventful, but I think in a good way.  I'm in my sixth year teaching in the same school, which I love dearly, and am working on getting my Master's Degree.  Rich began teaching at a new school, much closer to home.  He is feeling like this is a great fit, and is lined up to coach all three seasons- a big, exciting accomplishment for him!  I am so proud of him, and so glad to see him feeling more positive about his job, which is really important.  We are both lucky to have great jobs we love!

We chose to spend New Year's Eve at home, in front of the fire.  It was pretty cold in New Hampshire last night, and after a busy couple of days, nothing sounded better than a cozy evening!  We are feeling thankful for our comfy home and a warm wood stove! 

I'm not usually big on making elaborate New Year's resolutions because a) I'm not typically witty enough to come up with a good one and b) even if I did, I probably wouldn't keep up with it.  For the last couple of years, I've just tried to stick with one, simple goal.  This year, I have a few ideas in mind, and I'm excited about at the last three. ;)
1. Be on time. I'm on time for things that are not optional such as work, appointments, etc.  I am... not the best at being on time for leaving the house or more casual engagements, and I need to be better at managing my time! This drives Rich nuts, and so the idea is to alleviate some of that... maybe.  
2. Get back into blogging.  This one, I'm excited about!  As I said previously, I loved blogging about my wedding planning, and so I'm excited about starting again.  
Personal photo of one of my favorite winter decorations!

3. Crossing items off the to-do list and "pretty-ifying". Another idea I'm excited about!  We've lived in our house for 2 and a half years, and while we did lots of painting and other home projects right away, and have done some things since, there is still a lot to do!  Some things are more exciting than others, but they all 
will be worth the work, I hope!  I'll fill you all in as we work our way down the list. In addition to those things we "should" or have to do, I have a list of things I'd like to do to make our house more homey, more happy, and more "us".  I find that the little touches make me smile, and are often the things I love doing the most!  
4. Be present, grateful, and joyful.  Though these things come naturally to me some of the time, it's certainly not always.  I want to learn- and remember- to let go of the little things that make me frustrated or get in my way of this goal.  This isn't always easy for me, but it's my goal.  "Start each day with a grateful heart" and "choose joy" have been my mantras for a while, but I am putting these in the front of my mind and staying focused. 

Rich says his resolution is to complete more woodworking projects this year.  He's eyeing plans to build an Adirondack chair for our deck, and maybe a console table for our living room.  He does such a great job with the projects he does, so I'm looking forward to these! 

Lucy's resolution is to spend lots of time lounging by the fire, keeping warm. The wood stove made her nervous at first, with the couple of times the smoke detectors went off while Rich was learning how and when to open it to prevent smoke from escaping.  Now, though, she's realized how awesome the heat is, and has parked herself on the rug in front of it for her evening loafing (Exhibit A).  
Today is also Lucy's estimated 3rd birthday.  Talk about rescue pup problems! When we adopted her, the vet estimated that she was about 6 months old, so we named January 1st as her birthday.  Lucy brings lots of love and happiness to our lives and our home, and we can't imagine life without her! 

Happy Birthday, sweet girl! 

I hope you enjoyed ringing the year with the ones you love, and that you take a moment to reflect on what made last year so amazing.  Cheers to a great start to 2015.

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