Saturday, January 10, 2015

We Got a Makeover... In the Kitchen!

Im talking about our kitchen. It got a bit of a makeover and now looks so clean and fresh and bright. I'm thrilled, and thankful to my mom for her gentle push to bite the bullet and get this project done.
Let's just revisit the story of this room, for old time's sake. Our kitchen needed some work when we first moved in, which we knew and factored into closing. We arranged to have the work done, and once started, it became apparent that it would be much more involved (and destructive, disruptive, and expensive) than we'd anticipated originally. The only thing is that when you're standing on your deck, no door remaining in the doorway to the kitchen, and the floor ripped out so that you can see into your basement, it's a bit late in the game to back out, so you go with it. Shudder.
Annyyywaaay, this lovely experience left us choosing a slider to replace the original French doors in the name of space efficiency and better traffic flow. The slider is a teensy bit smaller than the original doors, though, so the dry wall surrounding needed to be patched and plastered, and this also left us with too-short baseboards on either side.

And, just for kicks, another view...

Fast forward two years (gulp...still embarrassing), and we were in the same spot, plaster and all. I still had no idea what color I wanted, couldn't picture a choice that worked really well, and so I was spinning my wheels. Fortunately, my mom is a good motivator who, during our vacations from school, encouraged me to make a choice and offered her painting assistance. Finally, I settled on a color that I had absolutely loved in some rooms I'd seen in blogs and on Pinterest- Benjamin Moore's Palladian Blue.

After making the choice, we got it done last Monday!

We were surprised at how dark the purple looked in comparison. I hadn't ever thought of it as a dark color in that space, until now! 
The new color makes the kitchen so much brighter, cleaner, and happier, and I love it!

The next task was to paint the window framing, slider framing, baseboards, and doors and window trim. Rich cut and installed new baseboards, and I took care of the painting. It's a bit of a chore, but there's nothing like clean, fresh, white paint.

So much better than before:
The primed only trim got really scuffed up when Rich installed the new tile, and really screamed for a coat of paint all over to freshen it up.
This weekend, we finally got some prints up on the walls and things back in order, and I'm loving the new look! 

I love displaying my grandmother's now-vintage red kitchen tools. It's so neat to have a part of her in our kitchen! 

I'm a happy girl with a pretty kitchen! I'm sure we'll add other touches as we go (I'm thinking about some new, brighty painted bar stools for our island, and have two photos I'd like to hang up). For now, it's a huge improvement! 

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