Saturday, January 31, 2015

What a Snowy Week!

If you, too, live in New Hampshire, you know that it's been snowing here... A LOT! We've had several snow storms over the past week or so, and another big one is on its way. Keep those shovels handy and snowblowers at the ready!

This week brought two snow days. I'm not sure if this is common knowledge, but teachers (at least the two that live in my house) love snow days as adults just as much as when we were kids! The idea of cuddling up on the couch with a dog, a good book or a movie, fire going strong and nowhere to go is pretty much the best thing ever. Yes, there is the shoveling- and lots of it- but if you think of it as exercise to burn off the calories of all of the gummy bears you've been eating (is that just me??), then it's not so bad.

Finally, on Thursday, Lucy and I got out for a real walk. I loved the snowy sunset, and we found tracks of our local neighborhood wildlife!

Turkey tracks always seem SO big!

Yesterday at school, we had our annual Wellness Day. One early release day afternoon a year is dedicated to our choice or choices of fun activities to promote happiness, relaxation, creativity, and team building! Choices included activities such as ethnic cooking, bowling, line dancing, knitting and crocheting, technology workshops, snowshoeing, and archery. I chose a yoga class and a painting class, both of which I really loved! I have only done yoga a handful of times, but I always leave feeling like I want to do it more often!

Welcome to yoga in a preschool classroom.

The afternoon was such a great way to end a week! I really enjoyed it, and love how my painting ended up coming out!

Rich and I had to do some errands today, ending in unwinding over dinner at one of our new favorite restaurants. I loved these little oil ball jar lamps on the tables!

While out and about, we also stopped off at the craft store to pick up supplies for a few new projects. More to come on that! Suffice it to say, lots of spring colors are involved. Did you know we're just about halfway to spring? I say, bring it on any time! 

In the meantime, you can find Lucy curled up by the fire... using a log as a pillow. Not pictured: her bed about a foot behind her. I guess whatever makes you happy? Stay warm, friends!


  1. Great blog set up Elizabeth. I always enjoy your photos on Facebook. Can't wait to read more. What is the name of the restaurant you mentioned?

    1. Patrice, thanks so much for your kind comment! I loved writing about out planning and crafting for our wedding, so I am excited to be back in it! We went to the Revolution Taproom and Grill, in Rochester. We actually bumped into another DCSer there! It's really good food, and my husband likes all of the different craft beers they have on tap. We'd definitely recommend it!


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