Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! I love a day all about chocolate, the color pink, and pretty flowers. Whether or not you have someone to call a valentine, I hope you can appreciate those who you do love, and who love you too today!

I'm lucky enough to be able to spend the whole day with my super awesome husband. We kicked off the day with some heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast. It was nice to just hang out and veg a little this morning, since it's been a super busy week for both of us!

Rich surprised me with flowers, chocolate peanut butter popcorn (amazing!), and a photo card of a sunset over the lake. So pretty! Of course, our little furry lovey is getting lots of extra kisses today, too.

I made Rich a card with a nod to our favorite show, The Big Bang Theory.

We decided to go out to lunch to one of our favorite local restaurants, which is back open after being closed for most of the winter. Where we live, very close to a good sized lake, some places close down for a few or many months after Columbus Day. This one has just opened back up for the snowmobiling and ice fishing people... And those who don't do either of those things but like to eat. Ahem.

Each table had the cutest mini vase of flowers!

Since there's another big snowstorm coming where we're expecting another foot of snow, we had to get some "housekeeping" things done today. Nothing says romance like organizing the recycling together so Rich can go to the dump, and after lunch grocery shopping. Contain your envy please. :)

Tonight, we're making homemade pasta (okay, okay, Rich is making it, I'm being the sous chef/DJ/taste tester) and staying in. It's been snowing for several hours by now, so we're going nowhere.

 Being snowed in with a fire in the wood stove, a sleeping, snuggling pup, and my love sounds like a perfect way to spend the evening! Also, I'll be helping myself to part of this delicious and gigantic whoopie pie. Happy Valentine's Day to me!

What are you doing to celebrate (or not celebrate, if you are a V-day hater...) Valentine's Day? Do you like to stay in and stay cozy or go out on the town?


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