Monday, February 2, 2015

Hearts All Around: Valentine's Day Wreath

Another week, another snow day, and another fun project! I'm thankful to have a job that allows me to stay home, safe and sound, when the roads are bad. There is no way I want to be out driving today, with another foot of snow in progress. Staying home the day after the Super Bowl, when your team is playing, isn't all bad either. ;). I can't wait to show you today's project... I'll post about that soon! 
Speaking of the Super Bowl, what a game! I'm not someone who really cares much about professional sports, even a little, but it's hard not to get wrapped up in the excitement when it's your home team in the big game. Rich is a huge football fan, so our fall and winter Sundays are always overtaken by a few football games. While I'm usually in it for the food and some good commercials, this time around was awfully exciting! Also, Missy Elliott in the halftime show was amazing. Brings me right back to high school cheering! I loved her performance- she is so fun! Also also, let's, be honest, we all know that the dancing sharks in Katy Perry's performance should have been considered for MVP. 
While watching the game, I pulled out the bag of crafting stuff leftover from my heart garlands. In my post about making those, I had mentioned that I had a wreath lying around, waiting for a life purpose. While perusing Pinterest for nothing in particular yesterday, I noticed that my super sweet neighbor, Amanda, had sent me a pin of this adorable, argyle-style felt and yarn wreath. When I went to pin it to my Valentine's Day board, I noticed that it was already there! Apparently, it was meant to be.
I chose to change the colors because of what I had on hand. Follow your heart. 
First things first: start by wrapping yarn around a wreath form. I tend to prefer the thicker look of straw wreaths, but I had only been able to find a foam one when I begun working on this guy last year, so it is what it is. (Side note: if you are planning to do this with a straw wreath, do yourself a favor and leave the plastic ON. There is no need to unwrap it, and it makes an enormous mess if you 
do. Trust.) 
To start, I just tied the yarn around the wreath form, and got going. You'll want to pop in a good movie, because you'll be here for a while. I wrap my yarn wreaths twice, for a more covered look. I try to keep it smooth as I go around, but it really doesn't have to be perfect, since it all kind of blends together. There's no reason to pull it really tight as you go, but you want to make sure it's not saggy.
You'll see above- I found it very helpful to use a few smaller balls of yarn as opposed to the whole skein. I just cut off a long piece, quickly wrapped it into a ball, and was on my way. It's easy enough to tie in a new piece, just make sure to keep your knots on the same side of the wreath so you can have a front side that is all smooth. Once you're finished with wrapping, congrats! The most time consuming part is over!

Next, I pulled out some felt and cut out hearts in basically all the same size. I chose not to measure with a template and just eyeballed it, trimming them down if needed. You'll want equal numbers of the colors you're using, the number needed will depend on the size of the hearts, the wreath, and the distance apart you place them. 
I laid the hearts on my wreath as I cut them out, which helped me know how many to cut. 

On one of the tutorials I read, the writer suggested hot gluing the hearts to the wreath, but cautioned that if the glue was too hot, it would melt the felt. I decided not to pull out and heat up my glue gun, and instead just used some pins to hold the hearts in place. This also means that if I ever decide to change up the wreath, nothing is attached to it, just tied on or pinned, so I can avoid needing to re-wrap it. Any way you want to hold the hearts in place is fine.
Next is the argyle detail. I chose to double my bakers' twine, but if I was using yarn which is thicker, I wouldn't have. I used a piece of yarn to measure the length of twine I'd need to make it all the way around, and then cut four pieces. 
I pinned the end to the back of the wreath, and then wrapped it around the wreath and hearts. The first go around, I crossed over the light pink hearts, all in the same place on each one. You want to leave the second color alone for now. When you get back to the beginning, tie the string off so it's secure. 

The next step is to wrap your second strand, and you'll want to cross over the second color of hearts, the opposite way. 

Repeat two more times until you've criss crossed over both colors of hearts, and tie all strings off in the back. 

I took all of the pins out, since the hearts aren't going anywhere. Again, if eventually I want to change up the wreath, I can just untie the twine and it will all come off. 

For now, I'm in love! The hearts are so sweet, and I love just about anything pink. If you make a heart wreath too, let me know! I'd love to see your version! 
Materials Needed:
- Wreath Form 
- Yarn (I used just part of a skein)
- 2 colors of felt (I only needed one sheet of each color)
- Additional yarn or twine
- Hot glue or pins to secure the hearts 
- Ribbon, yarn, or twine for a loop to hang 

I can't do a cost breakdown, since I used only parts of larger items (roll or twine, yarn roll), but I would say you could easily make this for under $10.00- much less if you have some of these things in your craft bins, like I did! 

Happy Monday! 

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