Sunday, February 22, 2015

Things We're Loving Lately

I know that I love to read about what others really like. I like getting recommendations from people before trying something, and I love to find about about new things through my friends, blogs, etc. I thought I'd share some of the things we've been loving lately. Some might be more helpful or less weird than others, but you know, take from it what you will! :)

First up is my Klean Kanteen insulated bottle. I love my raspberry pink coffee thermos! The website says that it can keep hot liquids hot for 6 hours and cold liquids cold for more than 24. I've only used it so far for coffee and cocoa, but I believe it, since it certainly kept my coffee warm all morning. It works even better if you warm up the bottle with some hot water inside before pouring in your coffee. I also have the cafe cap to turn it into a travel mug. The whole thing is super easy to clean and doesn't hold smells. I'm in love!
Another thing I can't live without in this crazy, snowy winter? My Bogs boots! They are comfy, waterproof, and can totally withstand the daily schlep back and and forth into school from our not paved, always wet, muddy, or snowy parking lot. I always wear fabric or leather flats at school, and they would get totally ruined in the parking lot. I pretty much wear my Bogs all year round, or at least from about October or November to May. They are not too hot in spring or fall months, and with a pair of wool socks underneath, are plenty warm in the cold. The top part is stretchy, comfy neoprene, and the bottom is colorful rubber. These are similar to mine, which I've had for several years and are still going strong- they've helped shovel about 89432 feet of snow this winter!
Speaking of winter (again, ugh!), the dry weather has been making my long and thick, but fine, hair super staticky and it's driving me crazy. I've been using Biosilk Silk Therapy, and it's been helping quite a bit! I love the scent, and it helps to moisturize dry hair, while keeping it less staticky. If your hair is dry or just all over the place, I recommend this for sure! I use it only on the ends and bottom half of my hair, so I don't find any issues with it making my hair more oily (but, as a disclaimer, I have pretty dry, non oily hair to begin with).

People at the grocery store ask me all the time about my reusable produce bags. I bring my reusable shopping bags each week, and it just doesn't make sense to use a whole bunch of plastic bags in the produce department. I love these mesh bags, and they've held up really well for a year or two. I wash them in the washing machine sometimes, but to be honest, I often just scrub them up with a little dish soap and dry them on my dish rack when I'm doing the dishes. Even though they're white, things like deep purple cabbage or dirty potatoes haven't stained them. They are inexpensive, and have saved me from using tons of unnecessary plastic bags.
One other thing I'm really into right now is my Fitbit Flex. I got it for my birthday in September, and so I've been using it consistently for about 5 months. I have been tracking my exercise and nutrition in My Fitness Pal via the iPhone app for about a year and a half now, so I love that the Fitbit automatically adds in my steps and adjusts my daily calories. While I'm by no means a heavy exerciser, I do move around a lot during the day, and get out for walks with Lucy very regularly when it's not an arctic freeze outside. This counts my steps and can tell me how many I've gained throughout the day with a quick tap. The Fitbit also tracks sleep quality and time, so if you're someone wondering about your sleeping habits, this is a neat tool! I like the interchangeable wristband- you can put the actual tracker into whatever color you like. Of course, I chose hot pink because, why not?
I asked Rich what he was into right now, and one thing he's really liking is feta cheese. Yep. I have always loved feta, and could it eat right from the package, but Rich has historically disliked it. Lately, he's been adding it to his salads for lunch and is really loving it, so try new things every now and then! (That's advice this picky eater rarely adheres to, but I'm trying to help you anyway) 

The other thing he's into? Porters. Rich is big into craft beers, especially from local microbreweries. He says that in the depth of winter, nothing warms the soul quite like a tall, dark, frothy porter. He recommends the Smoked Vanilla Porter from Stone Brewing Co. (not local), and the Fireside Porter from the 603 Brewery. If you enjoy a heavy beer with a slightly bitter taste, a porter is for you.

What are you into right now? I'd love to hear about it!


  1. My recent obsessions include heated blankets, our veggie spiralizer, and my Sorels. And anything that will keep us all warm!

  2. Seriously! I should have added our wood stove!

  3. Static drives me crazy! I would love to try the Biosilk. Where did you find it?

    1. It drives me crazy, too! I believe you can find it on Amazon, and I was able to find it in my grocery store. I hope it works well for you!


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