Wednesday, February 25, 2015

What a Wonderful Wednesday! : Mini Road Trip to North Conway, NH

We are super lucky to live only an hour or so from North Conway, New Hampshire, which is one of my favorite NH towns. Growing up, my family vacationed there several times, and Rich and I have stayed a couple of times and visited many! We love the great food, fun little shops, great outlet stores, and adorable atmostphere. Today was the one day this week that Rich didn't have basketball, so we took the opportunity to take a drive, do some shopping, and grab lunch.

We got a few great deals at the outlets (some Smartwool socks, pants for school, and some cute, brightly colored sneakers for me, and a sweater and hoodie for Rich).

We also were sure to stop at Zeb's General Store, which is one of my favorites. It's a two-floor old-fashioned general store with a super long candy counter and all of the salsas, dips, sauces, sweet treats, and other items you would pretty much ever want. I could get lost browsing in there for entirely too long, and I always end up with more than I intended to, but... YOLO. We picked up some of our favorite dip mix (it makes a spicy garlic dill- yum!), some peanut brittle, and some nonpareils which are made at a Granite State Candy in Concord (best candy store in Concord, for sure). We also grabbed some peanut butter Moose Poop dog treats for Lucy. She's a big fan of anything peanut butter. Also, there's a life-sized stuffed animal moose who talks and tells jokes, so I'm pretty much sold.

We grabbed lunch at one of our favorite places- Moat Mountain Brewing Company. They have the most delicious food, Rich loves the beer.  The atmosphere is relaxed and has tons of character.  We love it there!

The Intervale Scenic Vista is right down the street from Moat Mtn., and I always like to stop by to see the beautiful mountain view!

Even though it was one of the warmer days we've had lately, it was still super windy and a bit chilly!

I ended the day playing outside with Lucy, since the sun was so warm and the day was beautiful! She loves to jump in and out of the snow banks, sniff all of the deer tracks, and patrol the woods to see if she can spot her "deer friends". Ha.

If you couldn't tell, I'm loving vacation. Days like today are just what's needed to recharge, reconnect, and enjoy where we live!

Tonight, we're making some pizza for dinner and watching Whiplash, which Rich has been wanting to see.

What do you love to do to fully enjoy vacation? Today was pretty perfect in my book!


  1. Looks like a fun road trip. What a beautiful mountain view!


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