Sunday, March 8, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up: My Totally Awesome Rock and Roll Uncle and a Walk in the Woods

Happy Sunday! We had a great weekend filled with family and fun. The weather has been beautiful, which is so nice for a change!

My mom's brother is the drummer in a band that plays all over VT and sometimes in NH, too. Rich and I have never seen him play, so we decided to take a trip with my parents to get dinner and surprise him at the restaurant where he was playing on Saturday. We had a blast, he loved the surprise, and we enjoyed a delicious dinner.  I'm blessed to have such a talented uncle, though clearly musical talent has skipped me! I can't wait to see him play again sometime soon! 

Today, I finished up this week's grad school work and took advantage of the warmish (isn't it funny that 35 feels tropical?) afternoon. Lucy loves to walk in the woods behind our house, and this time of year, the snow is covered in deer paths and tracks.  It really is amazing! 

This is like a deer superhighway- this trail is ALL deer tracks!

It's really so quiet and beautiful out there! We didn't see any of our deer friends on our walk, but this one was out munching in the backyard later on. I'll never get tired of them! 

Even though we got home super late last night (It's official. We're old), and lost another hour of sleep on top of it, the lighter evening hours will so be worth it! 

How was your weekend? What did you do? See any cool wildlife lately? 


  1. I live in Wisconsin and this weekend's warm temperatures feels like a dream. And clear sky's too! What?! I got outside a little bit, hoping some of the snow will melt so I can take my kids to the park and really have some outdoor fun.

    1. You must be buried in snow, too! Glad you also got some nice weekend weather. :)

  2. thanks for visiting my blog :) that sure is a lot of snow!

    1. Thanks for visiting mine, too! Believe it or not, this is after a few warm days of melting! Before that, it was way too deep to even walk in. This winter has been unreal!


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