Sunday, March 1, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up: A Lazy Afternoon, Why I Love My Planner and Other Thoughts

Today is the last day of our awesome week off. It was filled with Rich coaching basketball, grad school work for me, lots of Lucy snuggles, a trip up north, and some fun. We're so fortunate to have similar work schedules and enjoy our time off together.
Rich had an away game on Friday night, so my sister came over for a girl's night. We ordered pizza, watched some TV, caught up on life, and finished with ice cream. Obviously. Pretty much a perfect evening!
Lucy caught up on some relaxing, after her busy week with us at home. It's tough to have parents who want to snuggle you- take it from her.

Last night, I decided to try a new recipe I had been eyeing for cinnamon applesauce mini muffins. Check these babies out! Recipe coming soon, I promise!

This morning was all about productivity. I cleaned the house, did some grocery shopping, and also some food prep for the week.

Rich is coaching all day today at a tournament, so I had a lazy afternoon on the couch with my DVR, a delicious lunch (Brie, apples, and crackers-yummo), and a snugglesaurus. Oh, and surprise surprise? It's snowing. Again. Obviously.
I also pulled out my planner, which I use for both preschool and grad school. I like to take a minute on the weekend and write down any upcoming to-do list items that aren't already in there. I love just about everything about my iPhone, and use it probably way too much, but when it comes to a planner, I still love to use paper. I have tried to go without it and use my iPhone and iPad calendar instead, and ended up buried in sticky notes, forgetting things, and directionless each morning. I draw a line down the left side of each day, so I can keep track of timed appointments and meetings there, and to-do list items in the leftover, bigger space.

I like to write things down as soon as I identify a task, get a meeting notification, make an appointment, or have something I need to remember to do on another day. Every morning, I can open my planner and see what needs to get done during that day- meetings, planning block tasks, reminders, etc. I also keep track of grad school assignments. I just use the Sunday space for that, since I don't use my planner on the weekends. When a task is completed, I cross it off with a highlighter- I use different colors for different types of items (pink for preschool, green for personal appointments, blue for grad school). 

We have a calendar on the fridge for our evening and weekend plans. Yes, February's picture was of Lucy. Okay... every picture is of Lucy. What do you expect from people who don't have kids yet? :)

Speaking of organizing, I downloaded the Wunderlist app to keep track of blogging stuff. I do want that information on my phone for now, so that I can access it all the time. I'm still super new to the app, so if any of you use it and have suggestions, tips, or features you love, please let me know!

Also, I picked up this guy on a whim the other day. He was all lonely on the clearance shelf, and needed a home, so I decided to bring him home with me! He's actually a vase, but I've left him as is for now. Isn't he fun?

I hope your weekend was lovely! What did you do? Also, do you have any tips for using Wunderlist? Also also, What would you do with a ceramic owl vase?
And, in case you missed it earlier in the week, check out this delicious balsamic and tomato white pizza. Yum!


  1. What WOULDN'T you do with a ceramic owl vase?! He is adorable. Reading about your vacation week made me really happy, thank you for sharing! How did you enjoy Whiplash?

    1. Haha! Point taken! I adore him. Thanks for saying that- it made me happy to write about it! We enjoyed Whiplash, but it was intense! Thank goodness most teachers have different instructional practices!

  2. Just checked out blog. I am new to the blogging world too. Glad to see someone else is and I am not alone. I am a preschool teacher also (transitional kindergarten). That owl vase, do nothing with it, it is adorable all on its own! Or group it together on a mantal/shelf with other favorite things. I have a similar recipe for those cinnamon muffins. All things cinnamon! Glad to have found you.

    1. Hi there! Isn't preschool fun? I teach in a public school setting with both children who are typically developing and children with special needs. Thanks for your feedback on my new owl friend! I think he looks great as is, too!


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