Monday, April 6, 2015

Spring Has Sprung! Easy Spring Decor


Happy Monday!

I've been itching to add some pops of color and springy accents to our house ever since the snow started melting and the weather has been just a tad warmer!

I'll be honest, each year after packing all of Christmas away, I always need several weeks of clear surfaces and simplicity before I get the bug to really decorate again. While I did decorate just a tad for Valentine's Day, it was fairly short-lived, and that, too, has been put away for a while now.


Finally, with the onset of Spring, I had a few spring items that I've been slowly taking out and finding a space for. This weekend, I decided to head to our craft store to pick out some florals to brighten things up a bit.


I usually like to add a few pieces to my grandparents' hutch base, which lives in our dining room, and then to the shelves and dvd/PS3/board game bureau in the living room. Using some pretty faux flowers is an easy way to add lots of color and texture to a space.



The baby's breath are dried and leftover from my Valentine's Day roses from Rich. I love baby's breath, and knew I wanted to save the sprigs for an arrangement of some kind. I love these blue and white floral sprays with themin the clear vase. I will likely eventually cut the stems, but I wanted to try them in this vase before permanently altering them.

I have decorated this long and narrow basket for several holidays and seasons this year. In the fall, I filled it with some tiny, pumpkin-like gourds, then ornaments for Christmas, and then just the pinecones for a natural, wintery feel. Now, I have tucked in these bright green hydrangeas for a bright pop of color, and love them! I had green hydrangeas in our wedding flowers, so I wasn't surprised to find myself drawn to them again in the store. I tucked some light green and white polka-dot fabric in the bottom of the basket to add some more color.


Remember the aqua pitcher I found last weekend? I added a few different types of flowers to that, as well. I loved these hot pink ranunculus, white spray flowers, and bright yellow forsythia.


I also recently picked up some new placemats for our table. I swapped these white and turquoise ones out for the linen and cranberry mats that had a more fall or winter feel. I love the bright color and fresher look. I also am in love with this beautiful, hot pink tulip which is an Easter gift from my parents. Once it's done blooming, I'll plant the bulbs outside to enjoy next year!

How have you decorated for spring? I would love to see your ideas! Have a great week!

Also, in case you missed it, check out my fabric flower wreath project- another great way to add color to your home!

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