Sunday, May 10, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up :)

Hi, friends! I hope you each had a wonderful weekend. We celebrated Mother's Day with each of our moms, and continued on with our neverending to do list around the house. Tell me we're not alone in that, right?

Before I chat about the weekend, I wanted to share a couple of fun, new things we have around the house. We picked up some summery scented candles at Kohls last weekend, and while we were at it, I had to grab this adorable pineapple candle sleeve. How could I have left it there? :)

Also, I've been really trying to up our garden game, including inside, so I wanted to pick up another indoor plant to plant in this pretty white pot I had. It's really an indoor pot, since there is no drainage. I grabbed a croton plant at Lowe's last weekend and got him planted and by the window to get plenty of indirect light.


This weekend, to celebrate Mother's Day, my sister and I planned a lunch date for our mom. We chose a restaurant by the lake, with a great deck and tables close to the water. The weather was perfect, and it's a beautiful spot!


Of course, we ended our lunch date with some ice cream on the docks. My favorite ice cream spot is open for the year, and I'm pretty pumped. I will, inevitably, eat more than my fair share of my favorite dessert there this summer. You win some, you lose some.

We have so many things popping out of the ground, growing leaves, and even blossoming every day! It's such an exciting time of year, as we have new things growing from bulbs that I planted late last summer and all kinds of things coming back.





Also, I have to share this beautiful sunset with you! Sigh. So colorful!

I hope that your weekend was wonderful! What did you do? Anything popping up in your garden? Do tell! 


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