Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A Colorful Life: Spring Flower Gardens

When we bought our home, it was surrounded by very little landscaping. There were a few existing garden beds, with a few existing plants, but we have added a few more beds, and many, many more plants!

I love the look of lush, full gardens with mixed textures, heights, and colors. I don't need a garden to be super organized or perfect to enjoy it. We've adopted plants from coworkers, clearance racks at home improvement stores, and family. We've also bought a few perennials each year, usually while doing our yearly annuals shopping trip. In the garden beds around our yard, just about all of the plants are perennials, which are easy to care for- ideal since there are many!
Our front gardens have a wide variety of plants. First to bloom are the crocuses, followed by the daffodils. Paper whites and the azalea are also spring plants, and the sedum come up quickly too, but won't bloom until the late summer/fall, usually. For now, they are pretty succulents with rosette-like leaves. The cranesbill is a late spring flower, in a pretty purple. There are also peonies, a rose of Sharon hibiscus, coneflowers, a hydrangea, and a rose bush that will bloom later on. This is the first year we've had the peonies, and I am so excited to see the buds grow and open!

Next to the house and deck, we have a mixed garden with lambs ear, cornflowers, violets, forget me nots, lady bells, and some other plants that are pretty, but I have no idea what they are. I love the blue cornflowers- they are such a different shape and texture, and color!

We also have two side by side beds with lilies, purple balloon flowers, irises, and some newly planted bleeding hearts and dahlias. As of now, the irises are the only things that have blossomed.
Along the driveway, we have a stone wall, and on the driveway side are tulips which bloom early, along with a bleeding heart. Our hostas are up now, and looking more and more full each day. The gladiolus bloom later in the summer, and I love their bright colors! On the lawn side of the wall, we have forsythia, lupine, and some newly planted foxgloves, which I'm hoping do well. As of now, the forsythia and lupine have been so pretty and colorful!

The other annuals all go into colorful pots of varied size on our deck. I like the look of a group of pots, with bright colors and different heights. I have three groups of annuals and planters that I mix up each year. This year, I chose dahlias, vinca vine, begonias, alyssum, and I also have one planter with hens and chicks (a perennial, but I love them in pots in addition to the edges of gardens). We also grow herbs in a big pot on our deck. I like having them close to the kitchen for easy access!

Speaking of our annual annuals trip, I also picked up a great find from the garden center's small shop! I was browsing the planters, wreath forms, and whatnot, and found this adorable metal pineapple hook! I haven't settler on a spot for it yet, but I had to grab it.
All of these gardens require pretty frequent weeding, watering, and pruning, but I love the way they add so much color to our yard! It's been quite a bit of work to get the gardens built, mulched, and planted, but now year to year, there isn't too much to do beyond simple maintenance, which is the beauty of perennials!
So, I would love to know- what do you love growing the most? Any plants on your list of love-to-haves? More peonies are definitely my next plant quest!


  1. Wow, your garden definitely has flourished since you've purchased your house! I love the vibrant colors! The peonies are beautiful.

    Herbs are also very nice for cooking. I have sweet basil and lemon something.. lol. Smells awesome!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Linda! Yes, it's come a long way! I love all of the colors too. We really enjoy out container herb garden- I think the dill is my favorite. I wonder if you have lemon balm? That smells so good!


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