Monday, June 29, 2015

A Forever Home: Celebrating Lucy's 3rd Adoptiversary

You may or may not know by now that our dog, Lucy, is pretty important to us. She brings so much love, happiness, and fun to our lives, and we love being dog parents. :)

Each year, we try to do something fun with her on her adoption day, what we call her Adoptiversary, which is June 26th.
We got Lucy in June 2012, exactly one month and 5 days after moving into our house. We couldn't have pets in our apartment, and so we knew that when we moved into our own home, we wanted to adopt a rescue dog right away. My parents adopted their dog, Sophie, from the Sterling Animal Shelter in Sterling, MA, and we knew we'd rescue from the same shelter.

The Sterling Shelter rescues dogs and puppies from overcrowded shelters in the south and Puerto Rico, where people spay and neuter their dogs much less frequently, resulting in shelters which are bursting at the seams. Please spay and neuter your dogs, in the words of Bob Barker. ;)
Anyway, this little lovebug makes our world a better place, every day, and we try to reciprocate that! On her gotcha day, though, we always mark the occasion with fun.
This year, we had a hike planned, but the weather was pretty iffy, so we decided to postpone that. We also had wanted to go strawberry picking last week, so we chose to do that instead, seeing as it's much easier to make a break for the car if needed! Lucy loves being outside anywhere and exploring all of the new, sniffable sights.

We picked tons of strawberries, and have big plans for them!

Lucy enjoyed some afternoon lounging while we got ready to have our parents over for dinner. It's not often that we are all together, so it was a nice evening to catch up! Lucy was pretty sure the "party" was for her, but between you and me, it was just the day that worked well for everyone. Either way, she loved having some of her favorite people around!
We even gave her a special treat- some peanut butter doggy ice cream. We don't give her things like that often at all, but this is a special occasion! She certainly seemed to enjoy it. :)

And, of course, the after party snuggles.
Are we the only ones who celebrate our dog's adoption day? It's okay, we understand that we're "those" dog people. :)

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