Tuesday, June 23, 2015

It's Officially Summer Vacation!

Hi, everyone! I am so sorry for being so inconsistent with posting lately. With two teachers in our house, the end of the year is such a busy time!
I haven't been up to much baking or crafting, just trying to wrap up progress reports, parent conferences, end of year party planning, and packing the classroom. Each year, I am so thankful to work as part of a team in my classroom- I know I couldn't do it alone!
I took this photo yesterday, before leaving for my last day at work (until summer school begins in a couple of weeks). I'm looking forward to this break so much! I plan to be parked here for lots of reading, meals with family and friends, and enjoying the beautiful summer!

I am working on a post about the end of the year gifts that I made for my coworkers. Both Rich and I work with many people who we are thankful for! I love how this year's gifts came out. Here's a sneak preview:

We have all kinds of garden updates for you- both in our flower beds and in our vegetable garden. Things are blooming and sprouting and growing all over the place! The plants in our deck containers have grown so much, too. I love taking a minute every few days to check out what's in bloom around our yard. There's always something new! One of my most favorite blooms came this week- this stunning pink peony! I love those touches of dark pink, too. I hope we have more flowers on our peonies next year- if you know of any tips to encourage the plants to yield more flowers, please share!
One thing that Rich and I did recently was go to the limited release of Dinner, a particular type of beer brewed by the Maine Beer Co., in Freeport. Rich is pretty into craft beers, and microbreweries, and Dinner is an incredibly highly rated double IPA that he's been dying to get his hands on. This particular beer isn't distributed at all, so going to the brewery for a release is the only way to buy it. Rich had seen on the company's site that they had a release last weekend, so we planned the trip. We left our house at 3:30am, made it to Freeport by 5:00, and were about the 200th people in line. The drive was beautiful, too!
We had fun hanging out in line, got what we went for around 7:00, and were back home around 9:00. What a fun adventure! I don't drink beer, but decided to go with Rich to keep him company, and was glad I went.
As for summer vacation, we don't have tons of specific plans. Rich is working hard on a new, sturdier woodshed, which is really coming along. Maybe I can convince him to write a post about how he made it! If you have a woodstove, you know that storing lots of wood is a priority, and keeping it dry and accessible in the winter is pretty important, too!
I have a few projects that I'm hoping to do, and lots of gardening to keep up with. I'm trying to photograph our flowers as they bloom, which has been fun so far! As always, I'll also be sharing any fun adventures that come up along the way.
I'm also planning to share some of our favorite summer recipes, too. I love the fresh and colorful foods of summer, and love to play with different ideas.
Thanks for hanging in there, and sticking with me! What do you have planned this summer? Do you have favorite summer foods you're looking forward to, or are you awaiting the bloom time of flowers you really love? Let me know in the comments below!

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