Sunday, July 5, 2015

Happy Birthday, America! Our Holiday Weekend Wrap-Up

Happy Sunday, everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend, and if you live in the U.S., happy Fourth of July! We had a fantastic holiday weekend, jam packed with family and friends, and celebration and fun! We had a productive week off, completing a few things on our to-do lists, some of which I'll be sharing soon!

We played some evening tennis, which I love. I'm terrible, and poor Rich just ends up running all over the place, but it's a fun thing we like to do together, which also counts as some exercise, so I'm all for it!

Our poppies are still going strong, and I love them! Our hostas are also beginning to bloom.

Last week, we also went to lunch with my mom, where I got this amazing watermelon lime iced tea. They have about a million different tea flavors, and this was just delicious (and beautiful)!

On Friday, we ended up taking the hike we had postponed from the week before. I am so, so glad we scoped out a new spot, and can't wait to go back! We live in an area with lots of lakes, so I was excited for this hike around a small lake which we'd never been to. I say hike, and most people would roll their eyes at that. I mean, it was in the woods, it had some inclines, but I guess it was more like a long, sometimes steep nature walk? Whatever. I say hike because it makes me feel more adventurous. :)
Anyway, we had a great time! We hardly saw anyone else while walking, which was nice. Sometimes, spots around here are just so packed, being an area lots of people vacation in. Though there were more than a couple moments when we weren't entirely sure if we were exactly on the trail (or if we'd be spending the night in the woods... Kidding, kind of), it was one of my favorite hikes that we've done around here.

Lucy's not a big swimmer, but she enjoys wading around and splashing a bit. There were a couple of great spots for this along the way! It was a warm day, but the hike was almost entirely in the shade, which was perfect!

There were mussel shells (at least I assume that's what they were) all along the banks, which I thought was so neat!

We also went to see some fireworks on Friday. They were set off of a barge in the lake, over the water, which was so neat! I loved the opportunity to get some firework photos and spend more time outside in the beautiful weather.

Sigh. I love fireworks! They just say summer, warm weather, and vacation!
We went to my parents' yesterday for a cookout, which was wonderful. Lucy loved it, and loved playing with their dog, Sophie, until neighbors on all sides started setting off fireworks, which she hates. She made this clear by trying to hide under furniture and looking pitiful.

I also made a new friend:
Don't worry his left hand is fine, it just was turned sideways.
We spent today at the lake with my family, which was a great day! Lots of sun, fun, and laughter. And some ice cream, which always makes my day even better. (Yes, I realize that's a statement not concurrent with a healthy relationship with food. Just keep reading, nothing to see here.)
I love the lake- it's truly my happy place! If we ever win the lottery, you'd better believe I'll be buying a lakehouse and a big boat. Dreams, dreams...

How was your Independence Day weekend? What did you do to celebrate? Like fireworks for me, what just says 'summer' to you?

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