Thursday, July 9, 2015

How's It Going? A Vegetable Garden Update, Summer Chalkboard,and Colorful Blooms

Hi everyone! How's it going?

I don't know about you, but we've had quite a few rainy days in the past weeks. This has caused lots of growth in our gardens, which is great when we're talking flowers and veggies, but not so much with weeds! Seriously, don't judge the weeds, okay? Awesome.

I love having fresh veggies outside our door. We've picked and pickled some radishes, have been enjoying lots of salads with the leaf lettuces, and are snacking on sugar snap peas. The green beans are growing all over the place, and flowers are sprouting on pumpkins, squash, cherry tomatoes, and cucumbers. We have beautiful rainbow chard, and budding broccoli too!

Our rose bush also just produced its first bloom. Swooning.

I love the time of year when I can walk around the yard with some garden scissors and a mason jar and come back in with a beautiful bouquet! Sometimes, I go for a more wildflower looking bouquet, like this one from last week. Sigh. Summer is pretty, isn't it? 

We also have lilies in bloom, red and yellow. They have their own garden bed, since they are so different from most of out other blooming plants, but I love their bright colors! 

Also, I finally updated the chalkboard canvas in our living room. I love how it came out! 

This chalkboard is just a plain canvas spray painted with chalkboard paint. I love how easy it was to make, and since I have it just leaned against the wall on a shelf, it's nice and lightweight, in case it falls. (We don't have kids yet, but I do have a sometimes curious pup!) We do also have a wooden, more heavy duty chalkboard that Rich made for me, but it's hanging on sturdy hooks, out of Lucy's nose's reach. :) That board hasn't changed for a while, since I love the current look. I think I've shared it here before, but just in case you missed it... 

Okay, one more thing- last week, we decided to try our hand at making jam! I guess when you have a boatload of strawberries in your fridge, you have to start thinking of ideas. I have a full post coming on how we did it, and some tips we found along the way. The jam came out so well- bright red and so, so delicious!

So, what do you do when your fridge is full of fresh strawberries? What's blooming or growing in your gardens? Do you have chalkboards in your home? What do they currently have on them? I've love to hear all about it- leave a comment below!


  1. I make strawberry freezer jam! Your jam looks tasty. Great shots from your garden.

  2. Hi, Pam! Thanks for stopping by! I have heard of freezer jam before, but have never made it. We were so happy with how this turned out, especially given it was our first try at canning.


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