Friday, July 31, 2015

Seashell Mason Jar

Hey everyone, happy Saturday! I wanted to share a super quick summer decor project from a few weeks ago. I had been wanting to add some more summery touches to our home, but without having to go out and buy new things. I'm always a fan to shopping my house first, both to save money and because I live 30 minutes or more from any craft or home decor type stores. I know- tragic, right??
I've had this bag of beach shells kicking around, and have been looking for a way to display them. They were given to my by my aunt and uncle who, at the time, lived in Florida. In case there's any confusion out there, we don't have most of these types of beautiful, colorful, and detailed shells at the beach in NH. I didn't want to turn them into anything permanent, since I have a limited quantity, and hadn't seen anything I really loved enough to take the plunge.

I ended up grabbing one of these mason jars and got to work on arranging the shells inside. I tried to include lots of textures and colors, and also different shapes. I'd suggest adding the small ones in at the end, since they fill in the gaps.

I kept out a few of the larger shells to put on the shelf around the jar, too.

This is such a simple project, I feel silly even sharing it, but I am so glad to have a way to display the shells that I love, and liked that this gave me the push I needed to just use them for something pretty. I might find a project that's more permanent in the future, but for now, this was just what I needed! It's summery, pretty, and easy.

Another super simple, but super summery love of mine are sunflowers! I picked up these beauties for my mom yesterday, as it was her birthday. I think I'll be picking some up for my dining room table the next time I'm at the store!

I've been loving collecting (mostly) windflowers in mason jars, too. We have lots of different types of flowers around our yard, and along the driveway, so it's fun to see what pops up or blooms each week!

What's your favorite easy summer decor project? What do you do with the shells you collect? Any suggestions for things to make?

So, what are your weekend plans? We've been enjoying the cooler weather, finally, and have been able to get outside more! Enjoy!

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