Monday, July 27, 2015

Summer Bucket List: What We've Done, and What We're Hoping to Do!

Happy Sunday! I hope you've all had a great weekend! Ours was filled with family, cookouts, campfires, relaxing, and getting some items crossed off of my to do list.

First off, one thing I look forward to, NERD ALERT, is buying a new planner. I couldn't live without a paper planner. In fact, the one year I tried to go digital, and use my iPad and iPhone to keep track of everything, I ended up with my life covered in sticky notes. While I love sticky notes as much as the next girl, it was a pretty unorganized system. I went back to using a paper planner quickly, and haven't looked back. I love all of the beautiful options out there, but I have typically used a relatively inexpensive planner in years past, and they've worked out just fine.

Once I start filling it in a bit, I'll share my system with you all. Exciting stuff, I know! ;) If you're a planner lover, though, you totally understand. I can't be alone here, right? I grabbed this one, along with this amazing hot pink and gold polka dot clipboard/notebook, and and so excited about getting organized all over again! I'm a teacher, so I live in a summer to summer calendar year when it comes to planners.
Another thing I love to do during the summer is go hiking, which we've already done a bit of. I am looking forward to some more hikes, which are in the works. You can read about our adventure here.
One thing we've done every summer is take a vacation of some kind. We haven't ever done anything really big, but we enjoy taking a small trip each summer to get away and explore somewhere new (or revisit somewhere we adore!). Before we were dog parents, we had more flexibility, but since we've had Lucy, we have always tried to include her in our adventures. For the past two summers, we've rented a camp a few hours away with some friends and also my sister and her boyfriend. We have loved renting a home with a kitchen, real bathroom, laundry, etc, and more privacy than a campground, and it's worked out to be very inexpensive! This year, we aren't doing that, but we are talking about planning a mini getaway.
I had heard about the idea of dog-friendly hotels from a friend, and also a couple of blogs. I had no idea they even existed! We're talking about choosing one and taking off for a couple of days, to find great places to walk around, maybe some hiking, dog-friendly restaurants, and maybe the beach! I'll be sure to let you know how it goes. In the meantime, this girl is pretty pumped about the idea!
Another thing we love to do during the summer is kayak. We haven't been yet this summer (how is this even possible!?) but we always make a point to go a few times. We live so close to so many great spots, and it is such a peaceful way to spend an evening.
This summer is the first summer that I'm back into blogging, too, so a big project on my list is to keep on keeping on over here! I am so thankful to be back in the blogging world (I blogged about planning our wedding, but then didn't keep up afterward), and am loving all of the time I have to get creative and share with all of you.
Speaking of creativity, I have a handful of projects I want to do, too! I am currently working on ideas for making a big clock for our dining room... Stay tuned for that! I also have a button monogram project up my sleeve, and maybe a few other things, too. Summer is so busy, that I haven't gotten crafty with it for a while, but I definitely have some things planned!
Okay, so so far, this is a pretty uneventful bucket list. One thing I DO want to do, that's a bit out of my comfort zone is try paddle boarding. We live pretty close to a lake, and there is a place nearby that rents them. I have always been curious about them, and really want to give it a try!
What's on your summer bucket list? Have you crossed anything fun off yet? Let me know in the comments below!

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