Thursday, July 16, 2015

We're Loving Summer! Rich's Birthday Weekend, Some New Purchases, SomeGarden Updates, and Other Totally Random Things

Hi, friends! I think it's safe to say, we are totally loving summer. We have been taking all kinds of fun trips, gardening, and having plenty of fun. I am so thankful for all of the time we spend together in the summer, since the school year, with school, coaching, and grad school is such a whirlwind. Summer school is in session, but it's a part-time schedule, which is pretty awesome.
I love to peruse the summer craft fairs that pop up in our area all summer long. The benefit of living in a semi-touristy area because of the fun things that happen during the summer! Last weekend, I picked up a couple of painted wooden pieces- one plaque that says, "be mindful", and a stenciled pineapple hook plate. I love the reminder of mindfulness and purpose.

I thought that the pineapple hooks could be friends with this metal one I found at the garden shop a while back. While I haven't found a spot for them yet, I love them together.
This past weekend was Rich's birthday, so we did some celebrating! I've said before that Rich enjoys visiting different breweries, and trying out new craft beers, so touring breweries was a perfect way to celebrate his birthday. We took a trip to Portland with my sister, Katherine, and her boyfriend, Matt, and all had a great time!

We started with lunch at the Flatbread Company, which has some of my favorite pizza. It also is where I can order one of my favorite drinks- their homemade lemonade, sweetened with maple syrup. I'm not a beer drinker in the least, so this was the one drink I was excited for. :)
I loved checking out each of the different breweries we visited. Some had really great decor, like these light fixtures made from wine barrel ring at Liquid Riot:
And this wall at Oxbow:
Oxbow also had a lobster beer... Only in Maine, right? ... I loved that it was served in fancy glasses. Cheers!

We celebrated Rich's actual birthday with dinner on the lake at one of our favorite spots. I love eating next to the water, and the weather was beautiful!

In other news, we have more and more growing in the garden! We planted purple string beans, which are blossoming. Check out these beautiful purple flowers!
The sugar snap peas are so cute with their dainty white flowers and curly cue vines.
The green beans are all about wrapping themselves on the trellises, too!
The squash have flowers in bloom, and also budding.

The kale is looking ruffley and green.

Lastly, the lettuce is still going strong.

Also, in our herb container garden, we have some new friends! Two parsley caterpillars have moved in and are making a home. I know, I know, they are eating our herbs, but we have plenty to share, and I'm loving watching these guys! For now, I'm leaving them be, but I know they also are into Queen Anne's lace, so I can transplant them onto some of that if they get out of hand. They will turn into black swallowtail caterpillars, I'm told.
So, happy birthday to Rich! Fellow New Englanders, do you have a favorite spot in Portland? On another note, what's growing in your gardens? Do you know anything about parsley caterpillars? Have you bought anything fun, "just because" lately?

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