Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A Pop of Color! Company C Area Rugs

This summer, I was so excited to win a 2'x3' area rug from Company C! If you're not local to New England, Company C is a home design and decor company, with a bright, cheery, and colorful palette and feel. I have always loved the company's style, and especially love their rugs. I have a few small rugs all around our home, so I was so excited to win this one through a contest on their Instagram page!

This one is the Blue My Mind rug, and it has lots of pretty green and blue stripes. It looks so cute in our kitchen, which is painted Palladian Blue, a bluish minty color.
Lucy is a huge fan of a soft rug, and is pretty happy to check out this new addition to "her" collection.
Like I said, we also have a few other Company C beauties in our home. We have this Stepping Stones rug in our hallway, and I love the greens and blues, mixed with the same red that our dining room is painted in. It helps tie together the whole space.
We also have these Wendy's Garden rugs in our entryway. One of them was a gift from my friend, Sarah, and the other, I actually picked up from her mom at a yard sale when she moved. The funny part is, I didn't know they were the same! Tangent- we saved just about all of our wedding gifts for when we purchased a house, so everything just got stored away. I really wanted a sense of newness when we moved from an apartment into our first home, so I made the choice to just hang onto everything until then. Looking back, it was a great choice! We knew it would only be a few months, less than a year, and it was like Christmas morning moving into our home and putting our new things away! Anyway, when I bought the rug at a yard sale, I had only really seen the first one a couple of times, and though I really loved it, I apparently didn't remember what it looked like. So, when I came across the second one, I grabbed it, and was so surprised when I discovered they were the same! Anyway, now they hang out together in our entry way- one at the bottom of the stairs, and one to hold a boot tray and prevent the floor from getting scratched.
So, long story short, I really love Company C, and their bright, fun decor pieces! I was so excited to receive this new lovely in the mail!
So, do you have a favorite, local decor store? Any favorite rugs to share?
And, just a friendly note: This post was written without any affiliation to Company C. The rug mentioned was won through a public contest via their Instagram page. Really, I just love their company!


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