Thursday, September 24, 2015

Inching Into Autumn: Some Simple Fall Decor, a Fall Chalkboard, and Fall Flowers

Hi everyone!

Being the first week of fall, I thought I'd share a bit of what I'm doing to ease into fall decor.  I tend to, almost exclusively, decorate for the season as opposed to a particular holiday.  This means that I'll start swapping some really summery elements out for more transitional items, and incorporate things like pumpkins more in October, since they'll stay out through Thanksgiving.  I like to change things over time, and play around with different items and arrangement, as opposed to changing everything on one day.

I've kept the green hydrangeas out, since I really think they are late summer-early fall-ish, at least around here.  Also, this year, I'm especially attached to them because our real hydrangea didn't bloom.  I mentioned this last post, too-  have any of you experienced that?  The plant itself looks super healthy and happy, but it never really bloomed (save an itty-bitty JUST beginning little cluster of green buds).  Anyway, tangent.  I brought some pinecones out to mix in, and they'll hang out on our shelf until it's gourd and pumpkin time in here.  I know so many of you have gourds and pumpkins going already, but since I leave them out until Thanksgiving, I tend to push that out a bit.  

Here's the same basket and arrangement, with the fabric I had in it this Spring:

I also picked up these wooden cutout leaves at our craft store.  They are attached with some jute, so I draped them on the knobs of my grandparents' hutch in our living room.  I guess you could paint them if you wanted, but I liked the rustic, light natural wood tone on the darker tone of the hutch.

I also updated the chalkboard canvas in our living room.  I had a summery message and drawing, which I loved, but it was officially (and sadly), time to let it go.  

In other news, our deck is still in bloom and full of color and texture! I will be so sad to see these beauties go once it starts getting below freezing at night, which won't be long, now.  It's been about 40* at night, lately. Anyway, I'll be over here swooning...

I've said before- my commute is long, but so, so pretty in some places! I couldn't resist stopping to take a few photos last week.

I'll keep you all updated on other Fall decor elements- I'm working on a couple of new Fall wreaths and a few other things, too! 

What have you added to your home to decorate for Fall? 


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