Friday, October 2, 2015

Wrap it Up! A Yarn-Wrapped Fall Floral Wreath

Hi, friends!

You might have gathered by now that I'm all about a DIY wreath.  When we moved into our house, we had very few seasonal (or other) decorations, with the exception of specific Christmas items.  We have more room in our home for decor in general, and I really became excited to create a beautiful space that made me happy.

It was very difficult for me to feel good about our space before, since it felt dark and cramped, and not "us".  I don't think it ever felt as much like home as things feel in our house, where we have enough space for everything to have a place and can make changes to fit our style. Also, in fairness to my creative genes, Rich and I were planning our wedding for the majority of the time we lived in our apartment, so I didn't have much time/money/energy left over for home decor.

Anyway, once we moved in, and got settled, I got to work getting creative.  I first made my own wreath two falls ago.  It was the first time I had really attempted fabric flowers, and I kept it simple with one color, but different sizes.  This guy still hangs on our front door each fall.

I like to hang wreaths on the inside of our front door, and on some of our interior doors, too.  I have a eucalyptus wreath that lives in our living room, which I change up with different bows depending on the season or holiday.  Right now, it's sporting a light yellow polka dotted ribbon, but I'll be changing it out soon.  

Also in view here is the summery floral wreath I made this spring, with lots of bright and cheery blooms.  You can see it up close in this post

In our downstairs hallway, I also hang a wreath on the door that leads to the basement, since you can see it from both the living room and kitchen.  Right now, this fabric flower wreath is hanging there- another colorful and cheerful wreath for spring and summer.

I was pretty excited this fall to pick out supplies to make two new fall wreaths.  I started with a plum, yarn-wrapped wreath for our hallway.  The first step is to wrap a wreath form (I use straw wreaths, vs. foam).  If you've never made a yarn-wrapped wreath before, you can read my instructions on this post, written about my heart and argyle Valentine's Day wreath.

I've also made a Christmas and winter wreath this way. I swoon over this one every time I walk by while it's hanging.

I've also said before, I like to make "non-permanent" wreaths, in case I want to change them up down the road.  I mostly bought flowers with clips, and clipped them to the yarn.  The others, I just stuck into the wreath with the wire stems.  Part of this so-called method is also attributed to laziness,  if we're being honest.  This is just fewer steps than glueing with a glue gun. Plus, I can do this on the couch.  You know, full disclosure. ;)

I really fell in love with this thick, deep plum yarn, and knew it would be perfect to go with some bright, harvest-like colors.

It's a good transition from summer to fall, and I love how it looks in my hallway.

I have one more fall wreath planned, and will share it as soon as I've finished.  In the meantime, have a great weekend!

I'd love to see your DIY fall decor, and tell me, what are your favorite ways to make a wreath?

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