Tuesday, November 17, 2015

That Time We Decided to Host Thanksgiving...


So, this year, we decided to host Thanksgiving for the first time, for both of our families.  I have the day before Thanksgiving off, which hasn't ever happened before, so I figured it was a good year to give it a go!  We'll have both of our parents, and our siblings, along with their families/significant others, and an extended family member or two.   Last year, we "hosted".  By "hosted", I mean that my parents' power was out for a couple of days due to a snowstorm (ours was out on Thanksgiving, but back on the next day), so they brought over the whole Thanksgiving meal and we did it here.  I didn't do any planning, though, and it was just my immediate family, so this will be much bigger. 

This is last year's table, it was an impromptu gathering here, so I had no plan for decor. We made it work, though. I gathered some pumpkins and set them on top of some birch coasters that Rich made. We spread out the table cloth that my Grammy hand-sewed (though we didn't have time to iron it in the frantic getting power back morning!) We also brought out my grandparents' fine china and other grandparents' real silver. It's so special to have their furniture and dishes in our dining room.  

We're working on figuring out logistics like chairs, tables, dishes... you know, the basics. ;) Our dining room table was my grandparents', and seats 6, so we'll need an additional table and chairs.  We're discussing bringing the deck table and chairs inside, is that weird? Anyone have a good solution?

We'll be cooking two smaller turkeys, veggies, pies, potatoes, etc., and hoping to cover all of the bases from both of the families!  Some people are bringing things, too, which is helpful. 

We have my grandparents' nice china, which we'll use in conjunction with my teal Fiestaware, so that we have enough (each set has 8 place settings).  It will be eclectic, but whatever. :) It will be nice to bring out my nice dishes- we've only used them once! 

I'm really looking forward to decorating for Christmas, but I'm waiting until after Thanksgiving for sure.  Once that's over, though, look out! I've picked up a few pretty decor items from Michaels and Target, and am in the process of crafting a few other things.  We had very little handmade or sentimental holiday decor when we first moved in together (like most people, I assume?), so over time I am working on phasing out some of the more generic stuff and replacing it with things I've made and/or really love. I can't wait to get working! 

Pictured below: copper ceramic houses, wooden deer, and bottle brush trees from Michaels, marble tree, dollar spot finds, and calendar tree from Target : 

So, any Thanksgiving hosting advice? I'd love to hear!! 
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Monday, November 9, 2015

Thanksgiving Decor: Felt Leaves Garland

We're firm believers of decorating for Christmas after Thanksgiving in our house.  No judgment on anyone who's already decked the halls, because I've seen some seriously beautiful holiday decor already, it's just our preference.  Also, we get a real tree, so it would be a pretty legit fire hazard by the time Christmas rolled around if we got one now.
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