Sunday, December 20, 2015

Decking the Halls: Our Living Room Christmas Decor

Hi everyone,

I hope you're having a great week! Our home is all decked out for Christmas, and we're just about done with shopping, though wrapping and baking are a different story.

I love decorating for Christmas- it makes everything feel sparkly, cozy, and welcoming!  I did a bit of shopping and crafting to get ready, since until this year, we've had pretty minimal Christmas decor.  In years past, I've made it work, but this year, I decided to pick up a few new things that I loved.

I like to decorate with some "Christmas-specific" and some more "wintery" elements.  After New Year's (ish), the true Christmas stuff will be put away, and I'll transition to more specifically winter decor until it's time to work in Valentine's Day items.  My mom has always decorated this way, so it makes sense to me.  In years past, I've been ready to put some stuff away in favor of a cleaner, simpler feel.  This year, I'm pretty smitten with all things Christmas, so we'll see. :)

Our Christmas tree lives in the living room, in front of the pair of windows at the font of the house.  It's a great spot that's out of the way inside, and can be seen from the road outside. There are a few other shelves and surfaces that I've added Christmas decor to in this room, since we spend the most time here.

This little dresser sits in the nook in our living room and holds things like board games and DVDs.  I created this little, woodsy winter vignette with some animals, a set of wooden skis, a buffalo check placemat and a felt tree, a vintage red lantern, and a white ceramic votive holder. I made this little pompom garland, too, and love it!  I have also added some fresh evergreen sprigs, also.

This nook also has a bookshelf which I dressed up with a basket of ornaments and vintage blue mason jars (and one white vase) with some faux berry sprigs and greenery.  I also added some bottle brush trees, and this cute little plaid deer ornament.

I added some Christmas and winter throw pillows to this chair, and a vase with some berry sprigs, a green lantern, and some ornaments in this mercury/pearly vase.  I think it makes this little corner of the room so cozy! 

The entertainment center that my dad built holds our TV, sound receiver, the cable box, etc.  I put the wood slice garlands on the doors.

Finally, we have this small, black bookcase behind our love seat.  Typically, it holds our cake topper and another Willow Tree figure (a wedding gift), some books, pictures, and other little decor items like a glass pineapple and wooden apple.  I put most of that away and set out a moose snow globe and marble tree, our photo Christmas cards from other years, this red metal truck with bottle brush tree, and a vintage snowman cookie jar that was Rich's nana's.  On the top, I chose to switch up my village scene with some new ceramic, copper-colored houses, faux snow, and bottle brush trees, all inside one of my copper trays.  I drew some snowflakes on a chalkboard canvas to use as a background for some contrast. I think that this village is one of my favorite Christmas decorations this year!

I am so happy with how our living room decor turned out, and would love to see your Christmas or winter decor!  Feel free to link to yours in the comments below. :)

PS: In case you missed it, check out our dining room decor, too!

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