Friday, December 4, 2015

Our Thanksgiving Weekend

Hi there!

Sorry this is so behind schedule, but if you live in the states, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We had such a wonderful weekend filled with cooking, family, shopping, and decorating for Christmas!

I was a bit nervous about hosting Thanksgiving for the first time- there ended up being 15 of us, in all.  I am so thankful that we had so much help! Many people brought food, which was nice so that we had less on our plate to make.  We ended up cooking two turkeys, mashed potatoes, stuffing, veggies, and some desserts.  Our families brought casseroles, pies, squash, appetizers, and wine, which was wonderful.  It really made things much less stressful! I know that I'm always happy (and actually, prefer) to bring something to help out, and I was happy to accept the help this time.

We ended up purchasing an 8 person folding table, since we have nowhere near enough room for that many at our dining room table! Thankfully, the room was big enough for both tables and plenty of chairs, which worked well.

I also updated our hanging chalkboard, with a simple design.  I'll be redoing it for Christmas soon.

We had plenty of food, and everyone had lots of choices, which I like.  I had made a planning list leading up to Thursday of things I needed to do (namely cooking and cleaning tasks), the menu (and who was bringing what), and the grocery list.

Last weekend, I took a minute to update the list with things to remember, and details I wanted to note such as exactly how much of things we cooked, the size of aluminum roasting pans I bought, and that having cute paper plates on hand for apps and pie was helpful.  I also noted that buying some paper takeout boxes for leftovers was super helpful.  My mother in law is always so good about having containers ready to go to send people home with leftovers, and it made things so much easier for me! I set out a sharpie and the containers, and people took what they wanted home.  Thankfully, the deck was cool enough to just set stuff outside on the table to chill until people left. I know this list sounds a bit obsessive, but trust me, it was so helpful! Also, I am a pretty big space cadet and will never remember all of these details next year if we host again.

I wish I had taken more photos, but I am a terrible blogger was so focused on so many other things!  It was so great to have both of our families here, in once place.  That so rarely happens.

The copper tray centerpiece I had been using all through the fall was just too big to keep on the table, so I moved it to another spot in the dining room.  I love using this tray to corral items into a centerpiece or shelf decor.

I used these antique hobnail bowls (a gift from my sister) filled with cranberries and pine cones as centerpieces on the tables.

I was really aiming for something small, since we had limited table space, and easy to put together as we had lots of other things on our plates! I also didn't want to put a lot of work or money into something that would be up for only 1 day, since I knew I'd be swapping to Christmas decor the weekend after.

Overall, it was definitely a successful day, and one we'd love to create again next year! :)
What did you do for Thanksgiving (if you celebrate)?  Have you begun decorating for Christmas or winter?

And in case you've missed any of my recent projects:

Have a great weekend!


  1. Glad that your Thanksgiving went so well! :) The more the merrier at Thanksgiving, I think. In terms of Christmas decorating, I've already helped to put up and decorate trees both at my boyfriend's house and my house! If only I was nearly as on top of my Christmas shopping...

    1. Hi Claire! I was glad too, and felt so thankful that we had a home filled with love and laughter! We've done our tree and lots of other decor, and now I need to crack down on shopping too!

  2. Your home is so so sweet! I love all of your decorations.

    I love your idea of having paper containers on hand for leftovers! Very clever!

    1. Thanks so much, Kristy! My mother in law is always so good about having containers ready to go, so she doesn't end up rummaging through her cabinets for takeout containers, or with way too much food! It worked so well to give people who wanted them a container to make their own to go box. It was a relatively inexpensive thing that made my life so much easier! We aren't big paper/plastic plate/utensil users, typically, but this was an exception I was okay with for sure!


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