Sunday, January 31, 2016

Winter Felt Wreath

You probably know by now that I love a good, seasonal wreath.  I've made wreaths for just about every season (and some specific holidays) but this winter I found myself wanting a simple, pretty wreath to hang inside, once the Christmas decor was put away.  I typically love a pop of color, but for this project, I decided to keep the color palette neutral, wintery, and simple.

I started by making some felt rosettes.  I wrote a tutorial on making them here- they're really easy, and hardly take any time.  This time around, I chose to go with white, cream, and oatmeal-colored felt, but you could certainly do whatever you'd like. 

Once the flowers are formed, I kind of set them on top of my wreath to organize the grouping before I start gluing them on, just because I tend to play around with it a lot, and it's easier to do this without glue involved. :)

Once you're happy with your arrangement, start gluing! You can squish the flowers together as much or little as you like, it's all up to how you want it to look.

This is a pretty easy peasy way to make a quick wreath, and will be great to keep on the door until I'm ready for something spring-y. 

What do you hang on your doors for winter? I'd love to see!  I talked about some of our other winter door decor in this post.

Also, in case you missed it, I shared some winter decor here, and all about the easy houseplants I love here!

Have a great week!
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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Add Some Green! 4 Types of Easy Houseplants

Hi everyone,

Happy Saturday! I don't know about you, but I love houseplants.  I think they are a great way to add some freshness and pops of green around the house, and there are lots of studies that talk about the benefits such as cleaner air, more oxygen, and added air moisture.  Let's be clear- I'm not saying I'm any type of doctor or air scientist (or, while I'm at it, botanist), here, but I feel like if that is all true, it sounds great. I love how they look, too, so win-win.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Goodbye Christmas, Hello Winter!

Hi everyone!  Did you survive the first week back to work after the holidays? We did, barely (kidding... kind of), and enjoyed a low-key, yet productive weekend.  A calm, not jam-packed weekend was a nice break after the holidays and a busy week at school for us both.

We woke up to a winter wonderland on Saturday, which was so much nicer than Sunday's pouring rain.  I was so glad that I took a few minutes to run outside to snap some photos!  It's really feeling like winter here this week. 

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Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year! : The 3 Things I'm Hoping to Do in 2016

Hi everyone,

Happy New Year! 

Last year, I posted about some of my New Year's "resolutions", and it was fun to look back at them this week. I wanted to:
~ be on time
~ get back into blogging
~ keep working on "pretty-fying" our home
~ practice being more mindful and grateful.  

I would say that I haven't exactly gotten better about being early to things, but I haven't been late, either... that counts, right? ;)  Otherwise, I think it's safe to say I've done the others.  I have worked hard to add more decor to our home, and did some painting, too.  This kind of goes hand in hand with blogging, which I've done quite a bit of, and some of that has been related to sharing different seasonal or holiday-related decor or projects.  These things have, in turned, resulted in me loving our home more, being happy with how things look, and having fun being creative. 

Additionally, I've worked on practicing being more mindful.  This is a more difficult thing to "assess", but I have been doing some more photography, which I tend to do when I'm paying more attention to what's around me. Does that make any sense?  I feel like when I stop to notice the little things, I slow down a little and appreciate those things. 

For 2016, I don't know that I really have any organized resolutions, but I have a few things I'm hoping to do...

1. Learn to, and practice sewing/embroidery: We have a sewing machine that I have used...once... and it would probably be good to learn to use it so I can do so more regularly! I have all of these projects pinned on Pinterest, and ideas of things to make, but I need to hone my skills a bit first.  For Christmas, Rich got me a couple of Hazel and Ruby's Crafternoon projects (specifically, this and this), to support me in learning to do these things. He just gets me. :) 


Rich also surprised me with this beautiful Purl Solo & Egg Press 4 Seasons of Embroidery kit (shop link here), which I am so excited about!  Basically it has patterns to embroider a fall, winter, spring, and summer tree.  It also includes transfer patterns for a basic woodgrain, as well as wood grain letters and numbers.  I really want to figure out how to get started before heading back to school, so that I can work on it bit by bit in the evenings when I need to just relax a bit.  I'll report back!

2. Get outside more! I am always so happy when we go on a hike, go to play tennis, go kayaking, snowshoeing, etc. but  I find that unless we schedule it in, it hardly happens.  We walk Lucy all the time, but I want to do other things more often, too! We live in such a pretty area, it feels like a crime not to get outside more than we do. 

3. I'm hoping to continue to grow this little project of mine, and am kicking it off with a new url! This blog can officially be found now at and I'm pretty excited about that! This year, I'm hoping to keep on posting more regularly, and sharing some new recipes and projects.  It's been so fun to meet new people and make connections with you all. Thanks so much for following along!

What are you hoping to accomplish in 2016? Anything new you want to learn or try? 

Cheers to a new year!
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Please Note: This post contains links which are not affiliate links, or sponsored in any way.  I'm just trying to help you all see what I'm talking about! :) 
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