Saturday, January 23, 2016

Add Some Green! 4 Types of Easy Houseplants

Hi everyone,

Happy Saturday! I don't know about you, but I love houseplants.  I think they are a great way to add some freshness and pops of green around the house, and there are lots of studies that talk about the benefits such as cleaner air, more oxygen, and added air moisture.  Let's be clear- I'm not saying I'm any type of doctor or air scientist (or, while I'm at it, botanist), here, but I feel like if that is all true, it sounds great. I love how they look, too, so win-win.

While apparently, I default to easy to care for inside plants, I certainly am no stranger to daily watering of our container plants in the summer.  These plants, though, are easy starting points if you need to take baby steps! 

1. Succulents:
In our kitchen, I have two types of succulents on our windowsill.  We happened to get a little sprout of gold mound sedum in one of our pots when we bought some hens and chicks last spring, and that little sprout grew quickly into its own, big plant! The hens and chicks are in the garage for the winter, but the sedum is doing well inside.  It's living in a dark blue ceramic planter, which we used for our wedding centerpieces and favors (if you're interested, we clustered 5 small potted plants in the center of each table instead of a cut flower centerpiece, then each couple took one home as a favor- it worked so well!). I'll admit that I may not have chosen this plant to purchase, but it grew so well outside all summer, I couldn't bear to toss it when we were winterizing all of the deck planters.

We have another type of succulent living in a big mason jar, though I don't know the exact type.  It was a gift from a student about 4 years ago, and has been going strong since! I water it every now and then, but for the most part, it just grows and grows (it was not close to as tall as the jar when I got it). I do turn the jar every once in a while, to keep the plant growing straight, because it tends to lean toward the sunlight. 

2. Pothos:
On top of the fridge, we have a pothos plant.  I grew up with these at my parents' house, and we bought one as our first plant, since I knew they are super low maintenance.  I water this plant maybe once every couple of weeks?  Lots of times Sometimes, I forget for lots of weeks, and notice that it's looking limp.  You can just water it when you notice, and it bounces back with no problem.  I told you this is easy!  

It was living on the side of our island, but it got too big, and was taking up too much space.  Also, it was vining down to where Lucy could reach it, which was no bueno (dogs and cats should not eat this plant).  Now, it's living on top of the fridge and kind of draping down the side, which is fine.  It's nice and out of the way (and out of doggie reach), and adds some nice green color to the room. 

3. Miniature Plants:
In our downstairs bathroom, we have three little plants on the windowsill.  When we redid this room, we picked a white, yellow, and navy color palette, and I had these dark blue votive holders already.  I decided to find some tiny plants for them, which was fun! I also found these little saucers, too, to catch any drips from watering.  The plants started out so small, and have grown a lot (probably by decor standards, out of the small cups, but...) and doing really well. 

These also only need watering every now and then, which is great.  I *think* the large-leaved plants are rubber tree plants, but I'm not sure what the other one is (do you know? Anyone?)  The plant in the middle kind of goes through a scraggly time in the winter, but grows new green leaves in the spring and summer. 

4. Croton:
We have a croton plant in a pretty, white ceramic planter on a bookshelf in our living room.  It does really well there, requires little water (gosh, do you sense a theme here??), and is overall low maintenance.  This is another plant that's not friendly to dogs if they eat it, but we have it up a bit, and Lucy has never shown interest in it.  I guess I'd say, use your judgement, and if your dog (or cat) is crazy for eating plants, keep them well out of reach. I like how this plant stays upright, meaning it wouldn't start drooping or vining into Lucy's easy reach, and I think that shape is best for the space in general. 

Also, not a potted plant, but if you're looking for easy to care for cut greens, I love eucalyptus. I like the different varieties that Trader Joe's sells, and usually pick up a bouquet when we go.  I like to trim the ends and change the water every couple of weeks, but a bunch will usually last for several weeks. It's an inexpensive, fresh option that is a pretty base to add bunches of fresh flowers, other greens, or even faux berries. 

So, do you have any favorite houseplants to recommend? What do you love to keep around the house?


  1. I loveee indoor plants. We have a peace lily on top of our fridge that we've had for YEARS and it's seriously the most resilient plant. Even when it looks like it's ready to die (after we've forgotten to water it, haha!) it will come back to life once you water it :P

    1. I love them too, Kristy! Gotta love those resilient ones, especially!! :)


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