Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Goodbye Christmas, Hello Winter!

Hi everyone!  Did you survive the first week back to work after the holidays? We did, barely (kidding... kind of), and enjoyed a low-key, yet productive weekend.  A calm, not jam-packed weekend was a nice break after the holidays and a busy week at school for us both.

We woke up to a winter wonderland on Saturday, which was so much nicer than Sunday's pouring rain.  I was so glad that I took a few minutes to run outside to snap some photos!  It's really feeling like winter here this week. 

Like many people, I've been trying to take some time to get organized, you know, since it's a new year and all. Our weekends just seem a bit less scheduled in the winter, and we were stuck inside most of this weekend due to the rainy weather, so it seemed like a good time to tackle some things I've been putting off.  I mean, I'm really busy with all of the other things I've been doing like working on my embroidered tree project, perusing Instagram, snuggling Lucy, and catching up on DVR.  Well, and working... there's that. 

During the holiday break, I took everything out of our downstairs bathroom closet to reorganize.  This is where we keep trash bags, batteries, candles, flashlights, sunscreen and bug spray, table linens, kitchen towels, and lots of other stuff.  Needless to say, it's a closet that we use a lot, and the more organized it is, the easier it is on everyone. It felt great to get that checked off the list!  This weekend's closet-to-tackle was the pantry, so now I can check that off, too.  I wrote a post about some of my favorite free organization tools here. Disclaimer- that's nothing fancy, but the ideas are free and easy, and that works for me, especially when we're talking about things hidden away in a closet. 

Anyway, another thing on my list last weekend was to de-Christmas our house.  I am always sad to see the Christmas tree and decor go away, but it's something I really like to take care of before going back to school (and before the tree gets to the point of shedding like crazy, so we can get it outside without a totally enormous mess).   I did put together a grid of my favorite December photos that I shared on my Instagram feed:

We got the tree down and outside, and it's propped up against some small trees on the edge of the woods.  The deer have been happy to eat our Christmas trees in years past, so we figure they can snack on it.  And I can watch, because I love to stalk watch them. 

I like to leave out the decor that feels wintery, which helps things not feel so bare at this time of year. A lot of my decor is more wintery, anyway, so this is helpful.  I feel like things such as bottle brush trees, my copper houses, red berry and evergreen sprigs, and pine trees are all still reasonable, so they get to stay.  Stockings and holders, santa stuff, the tree, and most anything red and green together go away.  I kind of complete this process by walking around and just scoping out what I'm still into, and what I'm ready to clear away.  Sometimes, it's nice to just pare down a bit. 

I loved the small tree in our dining room, and wasn't ready to put ALL of the twinkly lights away yet, so I kept it out, just changed it up a little.  I took the star off, traded the red plaid skirt for some linen fabric just wrapped around the bottom, and put away the green and red striped candles with star holders.  Yes, I know the chalkboard is kind of Christmas-y, given the song reference, but I'm not ready to let go yet. Sorry. 

The dining room window candles and snowflake garlands will stay out for now, too.

I left the centerpiece as is for now, since I think it still works.  I may change it in a few weeks, but we'll see. 

I changed up the shelves in our living room a bit- added a new basket and pineapple block (such a cute Christmas gift, right??), and kept the marble tree, moose snow globe, and copper tray and houses. I love those way to much to put away yet! Plus, the snowflakes will be totally seasonally appropriate here for at least 2 more months, for better or worse (personally, now that Christmas is over, I could really take it or leave it). 

The small dresser in the living room nook also got a little adjustment.  I put away the felt Christmas tree and swapped it for this mini pine (a hand me down from my mom that used to be my grampa's).  I kept out the skis, woodland animals, red lantern, and the pine branches. Sorry for the poor light here- it was so dark outside yesterday!

I love using blue mason jars to add some aqua to the color palette.  They are so simple and pretty with a some sprigs of berries and pine.  I love these wire berries, too- they're so versatile and I use them in jars, wreaths, vases, etc. I have a few different sizes and colors, and just reuse them at different times throughout the year. 

Have you created any winter decor in your home?  If so, please share a link, or tell me all about it, in the comments below! I'd love to see or read about it! Have a great week, and thanks for reading!

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