Sunday, February 28, 2016

Finishing February!

Can you believe how quickly February flew by?  For me, at least, February was a very busy month at work, which made it feel like a total whirlwind.  We are fortunate to have had a week of vacation to regroup, spend time together, and get set for the next big chunk of the school year.

I did a bit of shopping during the break, and one of the things I picked up was a bright and cheerful binder and tabbed dividers (dollar spot) at Target to replace the one I use at school to hold IEPs and other information on the students I case manage.  Currently, I have a 1" binder that is so full the spine is splitting, which is no bueno.  Also, I ran out of tabs for students, and with a few new incoming kiddos, I needed more room! I'm excited to swap over to the new one - I'm such a nerd about new school supplies! :)  Also, we picked up this new little rug for our kitchen, since it was WAY past time to pack away the Christmas-y one. Whoops. Anyway, we chose this guy- on sale at our Target. 
Anyway, we're still totally in cold weather mode here, and will be for a while, but I'm definitely thinking about spring decor, and what's next!  I haven't changed out any of our decor yet, so we have some wintry Valentine's Day-ish things still out.

Judge if you wish, but I guess I'm considering March, April, and May the 3 months for spring decor (you all have set months for seasonal decor... right?)  Speaking of Valentine's Day, the flowers Rich picked out are still beautiful and blooming!

I did pick up a few spring things at Target when we were there recently, so I'll be thinking about how to incorporate them with the other springy items I have. 

I was a pretty big fan of the Dollar Spot decor that Target had at Christmas, and scooped up a few things then.  I was hoping there would be a few spring things that would catch my eye, and not surprisingly, Target delivered.  Since these seasonally-specific items are only out for part of the year, I like that there are lots of affordable options.  

I loved this wooden quatrefoil tray with jute-wrapped handles.  I'm sure I'll be finding a spot for this year-round! I also picked up this white bunny and one of the ceramic lanterns- couldn't pass up that pretty aqua color! In the seasonal section, I found this cute felt-leaf tree, which I thought would be cute, too!

I also snapped up 2 of the bunny and pompom table runners, and one of the lace-trimmed ones, as well as an aqua metal tray.

I have quite a bit of wintry or Valentine's Day decor out, in a few different spots, so I wanted to be sure to have options for spring decor. Once I get things set out, I'll be sure to share photos!  In the meantime, I'm snapping some late-winter photos, since there's no denying that this time of year is stunning!

Have you picked up any new items for spring, or do you have any old favorites you're looking forward to pulling out?  Do share! :)


  1. I definitely can't believe another month has passed!

    Your home decor is always so sweet! <3

  2. I know, right? Gosh! I will say, I'm looking forward to winter ending and warmer weather coming! Does it get cold where you live? Thanks, as always, for your sweet comment!


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