Friday, March 18, 2016

A Dog-Friendly Burlington, VT Winter Getaway

During our winter break, we decided to treat ourselves to a mini vacation in Vermont.  We've never vacationed there, so we were excited to explore someplace new.  It turns out that Burlington is known for being dog-friendly, has lots to do, and seemed like a great spot to head off to.  We really enjoyed the trip, even with terrible weather, and can't wait to go back another time.  I really rely on reading about others' experiences when planning a trip, especially when Lucy is coming, so I wanted to share our trip, with the hope it can help others.

Burlington is a great option for traveling with a dog! Many stores on the closed-to-traffic Church Street are dog-friendly, and marked with a bone or paw print on their door or window.  We were thankful for this, since it was raining.  I was happy to not have to stand outside in the rain while Rich swapped, and then switch off.  Lucy was extra happy, since she hates the rain.

We weren't able to try out any of the dog-friendly restaurant patios, since it was winter, but we'd love to go back during a warmer time of year, for sure!  We knew going into this trip that we'd be bringing takeout back to our room, and we were fine with that. Thankfully, there were some delicious options! We'd suggest checking out American Flatbread for dinner, The Bagel Place for lunch, and the Burlington Bay Market to pick up a quick bite or snack.

We stayed at the Made Inn Vermont a boutique hotel / bed and breakfast, which we'd totally recommend.  Admittedly, it was a bit above the price point we usually look to spend, but it included many "extras", things that we would have paid for otherwise such as drinks, snacks, and breakfast.  This place is billed as the best bed and breakfast in Burlington, and we saw why!

The inn itself is gorgeous, with a quirky decor style that can only be described as having been curated like a museum collection.  Linda, the inn's owner/designer, was wonderful too!

We chose a room with a bit more space than the others, anticipating a rainy/snowy couple of days with a potentially restless pup.  It was nice to have a small table and chairs, and plenty of sunlight!

Each room had a chalkboard wall- I KNOW, right??- and a record player.  There were bins and shelves with records tucked all around the inn, and Rich loved that! I was sure to leave my mark on the wall.

One of my favorite things about a bed and breakfast is the breakfast!  The Made Inn Vermont did not disappoint.  Check out this to die for creme brûlée french toast, served with authentic Vermont maple syrup, of course!

We'd definitely suggest giving Linda a call if you're headed to Burlington.  Tell her I sent you! :)

One thing that was, of course, on my to-do list was to check out Lake Champlain.  We were able to easily walk there, and Lucy especially enjoyed strolling along the water, scoping out the icebergs and the sights along the way.  It was so gorgeous!

Of course, we couldn't head to northern VT without hitting up a brewery or two.  Breweries were actually the one place Lucy was welcome inside, which was a lifesaver in the bad weather.  One that we loved was the Queen City Brewery.  We had plans to catch up with one of Rich's friends, and it was so nice to find a place that all 4 of us could comfortably hang out for a couple of hours.  They have great brews, some snack options, and my favorite- non-alcoholic root beer on draft!

We also checked out Fiddlehead Brewing in Shelburne and the Burlington Beer Co. in Williston, both only a short drive away.  We didn't stay long at either, but they welcomed Lucy, and Fiddlehead had the specific beer Rich was hoping for, so win-win.

We're really looking forward to our next trip to BVT.  I think we'll try for the warmer months, when we can try out some restaurant patios for dinner and dessert! :)

We'd love to know- do any of you have favorite dog-friendly places in the northeast? Please share! We're always looking for fun spots to road trip to.  Have a great weekend, and as always, thanks for reading! 


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