Sunday, September 25, 2016

Dog-Friendly Stowe, VT (and the surrounding area)

Hi, friends!  It's been a while, I know.  The beginning of the school year is always a busy time in our house.  I wanted to stop by to share about our quick trip to Stowe last month.

So, you probably know by now that we love to bring Lucy along on our little mini-vacations around the New England area.  Rich isn't big on flying, so we tend to take smaller trips, within driving distance.  It's been fun to find dog-friendly cities, as well as the best places to eat, stay, and play in those areas.  Last summer, we stayed in Freeport, Maine, this winter, we stayed in Burlington, Vermont, and recently, we visited Stowe, Vermont.

We've done other trips with Lucy, like our northern Vermont trip earlier this summer, and ones similar, but those are a bit different (and easier) since we're usually more or less staying put at the rental house for the duration of the trip.  If we do need or want to venture out, Lucy comes with us in the car, and one of us waits with her.  

This August, we visited Stowe for a few days.  We actually went to Burlington first, and stopped at the super pretty rest area in Sharon for a bit to stretch our legs and take in the view!

The first day we were there, it was rainy.  I have say that this is one tricky part about traveling with a dog- you're banished to outdoor dining at any restaurant that allows dogs. This was fine when we stopped at Sweetwaters in Burlington for lunch, since it was only sprinkling and they had umbrellas.  The sandwiches there were great- we'd go back for sure!  While in Burlington, Lucy also found a store named after her! ;)

We stayed at the Sun and Ski Inn and Suites, which I'd definitely recommend.  The room we rented was in the motel-style section (meaning, our own entry) of the hotel (all of the dog-friendly rooms are), but there is also a main building with hotel-style rooms.  

photo from Sun & Ski Inn and Suites' website
It was actually great to have our own entrance to the room for convenient access to the backyard for potty walks.  These rooms have a front door, and also a slider leading out to a grassy yard and the riverbed behind the property.  This room was not super fancy and that was fine- it was relatively inexpensive, very clean, and definitely met our needs.  

photo from Sun & Ski Inn and Suites' website, but I can vouch that it's accurate of the type of room we stayed in.
I liked that breakfast was available each morning, and that they had mini-golf on the premises!  There was bowling also, but not surprisingly, it's not dog-friendly.  The Sun and Ski is conveniently located within walking distance of a few restaurants, and was a super quick drive to The Alchemist, the brewery Rich was excited to visit.  

By the time we got settled in and dinner rolled around, it was really raining, as well as dark and chilly, so pizza takeout from the well-rated Piecasso it was (definitely no mistake there, yum!)

The next morning, we began the day with a visit to The Alchemist to pick up some of their highly-rated craft brews.  Thankfully, they are a dog-friendly brewery, and Lucy was happy to cool off in the shade, and eventually inside while we waited.  Most breweries we've visited have welcomed dogs, so if you're ever looking for a dog-friendly spot in a city (especially if the weather leaves something to be desired and you need a break inside), look one up!

We also took a trip to the Ben & Jerry's Factory, just down the road in Waterbury.  While dogs can't go inside (or on the tour), they can visit the grounds, enjoy the shade under a picnic table on the patio, or share an ice cream (just not chocolate! ;) ) We were fine with taking turns browsing the shop, and having ice cream for lunch.  You know I can't turn down ice cream!

I loved this sign on the Ben & Jerry's grounds.

We stopped at Prohibition Pig, also in Waterbury for a snack and drink later that afternoon.  Their restaurant is not open every day for lunch hours, but their brewery around back is.  This was confusing at first, since I'd only seen the restaurant's hours, but we were pleasantly surprised to see their back patio was open and welcomed Lucy.

For dinner in Stowe, we headed to Idletyme Brewing Co., just down the street from where we stayed.  The food was good, and we liked the atmosphere out on the patio.  We walked on the Stowe Recreation Path to and from, which was a great break in the shade!  The path is in great condition, well-maintained, and very clean from what we saw.  

We introduced Lucy to mini golf, back at the hotel.  She was happy to hang out outside, sniff the sniffs, and walk along the course.

Lucy also enjoyed the riverbed, located behind the hotel.  The water was very low when we visited, so you could easily walk on the rocks and dip your toes in the water if you wanted.  She seemed to enjoy this!

All in all, we enjoyed Stowe, for sure! If you're looking for a smaller city in VT to visit with your four-legged friend, give this one a try.  

As always, if you have any recommendations of dog-friendly cities in the northeast for us to try, we'd love to hear from you!  We're always looking for a new adventure.  Also, any tips for traveling with a pup?  Please share in the comments below, and thanks for reading! 

P.S.: In case you missed it, check out our Freeport and Portland trip, our Burlington trip, and our northern Vermont trip posts! 


  1. It looks like this was such a fun trip! I have never travelled with our pups but it's something I really want to do!

    1. Hi Kristy, it's so much fun! We didn't travel when Lucy was a puppy, but now that she's totally reliably potty trained, and we know her personality, it's been easy peasy! We've done both summer and winter trips, and a hotel, bed and breakfast, and rental house. Doing research ahead of time to find dog-friendly restaurant patios/outdoor seating, maybe an indoor place or two that allows dogs if it's cold or raining (breweries are usually dog-friendly, as long as they don't serve food like a restaurant), and also a few good takeout options is very important! I like to bring a familiar blanket to put on the bed for them to lay on (for both the comfort of home and to protect their bed), bowls from home, etc. I hope you get to do this soon!


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